10 Live Casinos That Use Crypto for Secure Deposits

It is impossible to have gone without hearing crypto murmurs. Yes, cryptos are the elephant in the room, and some people tend to avoid them just because they don't understand what they are. However, for the time these currencies have been in existence, they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are the best alternative to fiat currency so far. That being the case, live casino operators couldn't afford to sit on the fence and watch other investors take advantage of cryptos. That's why there is talk of crypto payment methods in live casinos.

10 Live Casinos That Use Crypto for Secure Deposits
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About Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are an increasingly popular way for people to make deposits and withdrawals in live casinos. The huge number of cryptocurrencies available and the need for different infrastructure to be in place in order to support them has traditionally served as a barrier to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency casino deposits. Known as one of the most popular online services and boasts over 10 million users.

Crypto Invention

Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency to come to life. That was way back in 2009 when a group of anonymous individuals found it necessary to create an efficient online payment solution that would allow people to complete money transactions anonymously. As a result, Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, was born. Initially, people were very skeptical about Bitcoin, but with time, it won souls and became what it is today. Today, there are so many cryptos in operation, but here are the most popular ones:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin Cash

It doesn't matter which of these cryptos one wants to play with, they (players) should be able to find a crypto casino that allows them to do so. While some live online crypto casino platforms support one crypto, others support multiple. However, Bitcoin is still the king even though the other cryptos are giving it a run for its money.

Deposit with Crypto

Before a player is able to make a deposit at a live casino in cryptocurrency using the Crypto platform, they will have to sign up for a Crypto account and make a deposit. When making a deposit, users are required to decide which cryptocurrency they would like to invest in.

As the majority of online casinos that accept Crypto as a means of deposit still conduct their transactions in a fiat currency such as the euro or US dollar, it is important to keep an eye on the exchange rate between the currency that your chosen online casino is using.

Funding a Crypto account for the first time involves making a deposit with a credit or debit card. Once customers have done this, they are able to move the money that is stored in their Crypto e-wallet from one currency to another.

This makes it easy to take advantage of movements in markets and ensure that they are getting the best possible value from the money that they have stored with Crypto. While it was previously necessary to withdraw money in order to deposit it into a casino, the Crypto.com pay platform makes it possible to execute this transaction directly without any additional steps, middlemen, or fees.

Getting Started with Crypto at Live Casinos

The number of online casinos that accept Crypto as a means of deposit is currently relatively limited compared to some other deposit methods such as PayPal or credit cards. However, the number of casinos that work with Crypto is regularly increasing as demand for the platform is going up.

Once a user finds a casino that accepts Crypto as a deposit method, the first step is to start the deposit process. The player should make sure that they are aware of any special deposit bonus offers that are running when they decide to make a deposit so that they get the best possible value from their transaction.

The next step is to select Crypto as the funding method for the deposit. Again, the way this works will vary from one online casino to another but this is generally the first step in the process. They will then be required to select their deposit amount and log into their Crypto account.

The final step is then to confirm the transaction. In most cases, the funds will be transferred from the Crypto account to the online casino instantly.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Cryptocurrencies

One of the reasons cryptos were invented was to ensure quick money transfer; hence, a live crypto casino withdrawal is not a long, tedious process. Only a few steps are required for one to have their casino coin crypto.

Players can launch a withdrawal request by logging into their crypto casino and locating the banking page. Once they click on the Withdraw, they will be asked to key in the amount of crypto they want to cash out and the crypto wallet address where the funds should be sent. It is worth noting that the players who wish to withdraw with crypto must have a crypto wallet where they can store their digital money.

Once all the steps have been completed, the player can confirm the transaction and wait for the casino to approve the request. The funds will be sent to the wallet as soon as the casino approves the withdrawal.

Processing Times and Withdrawal Limits

Crypto transactions must be verified on the blockchain. The verification usually involves multiple confirmations, depending on the amount of crypto one is withdrawing. Each confirmation takes approximately 10 minutes. Typically, crypto withdrawal processing times take a few hours (2-3), and they vary from one crypto and live casino to another. Again, the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits vary from one casino to another.

Cryptocurrency Supported Currencies and Countries

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin is the most popular crypto globally, but there are at least 1000 different cryptos as of 2022. That's a huge number, and it speaks volumes about the extent to which cryptos are taking over the currency world. Thanks to the benefits that crypto users enjoy, these digital currencies are now more popular than ever, and many countries have given the nod to them.

The countries where cryptos are most popular include:

  • The United States
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Malta
  • France
  • Russia

Other countries that also has kept up with the crypto trends are:

  • India
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • UK
  • Holland
  • Belarus
  • Vietnam

One could go on and on with this list. Unfortunately, some countries are yet to embrace cryptos, and they include Macedonia, Nepal, Bolivia, and Bangladesh, to name but a few.

Do cryptos support fiat currencies? Yes. People can buy cryptos online using USD, EUR, GBP, and other fiat currencies.

Top Casino Bonuses for Cryptocurrencies

Unlike in the past, when bonuses in live casinos were rare, most live casinos today splash bonuses to attract players. Rather than players looking for live dealer casinos, the reverse is happening now. The reason for this is the dozens of live casinos offering top live games. And live crypto casinos are not an exception. Here are the main bonus types found at these sites.

Match deposit bonus: This bonus is valued based on the player's first deposit, up to a certain amount. It could be 100% up to $200 or any other amount. A match deposit bonus is usually the first bonus players receive at any casino. But the wagering requirements must be considered if one is claiming this type of bonus.

Reload bonus: When playing crypto casino games, players will always continue funding their casino accounts after making the first deposit. The casino may decide to offer reload bonuses on some of these subsequent deposits. However, unlike the welcome bonus, a reload bonus is a smaller percentage of the deposit.

Cashback bonus: This is a bonus that a player receives on their losses. For instance, if they lose $1,000 and the casino awards them a cashback of 5%, the player will get $50 as the bonus, meaning their losses will total $950.

VIP bonuses: The best crypto casino platforms will always give out VIP bonuses in various forms, including high roller bonuses and VIP programs.

Why Deposit with Cryptocurrencies?

Pros Cons
Quick deposit time - Crypto Payments are faster than traditional payments. Since the transfer of cryptocurrencies takes place in seconds, players will never wait long for money to be available in their casino account. Moreover, there is no need to wait for days or weeks before players can receive winnings. Limitations - Some countries do not accept crypto payments. Examples include Egypt, Morocco, and Iraq.
Safe and secure - Crypto payments are secure and safe. Users never have to worry about getting their personal information stolen because there is no need for credit card details. Volatile - Cryptocurrencies are volatile, which means that their value can fluctuate considerably within a short period of time. This is especially true for Bitcoin, which has seen massive downturns in its value in recent years.
Anonymous payments - there is no need to provide personal information when making deposits or withdrawals with cryptos. High limits - Higher limits than traditional payment methods. Transaction limits offered by live casinos when it comes to cryptocurrencies are much higher than those offered by conventional payment methods such as credit cards or bank transfers.
Tax-free payments - since cryptos are not regulated by any government, they are not subject to any taxes. However, players should note that the value of their winnings may be affected by the fluctuating value of cryptocurrencies.

Safety and Security at Cryptocurrency Live Casinos

Safety and security are essential requirements of the best live casinos. There have been a few online fraud cases resulting from players using traditional payment methods, such as debit and credit cards, to fund their casino accounts. With live online casino cryptocurrencies, however, such cases have been effectively put to bed. Unlike cards, which have a centralized database that can easily be hacked, these digital currencies have nothing of the sort. They also don't allow players to provide transaction data and sensitive information; gamers transact anonymously.


Cryptocurrencies work by recording all transactions in what is known as the blockchain, which is a digital public ledger. This ledger is stored on a network made up of many computers to decentralize crypto. With blockchain technology, cheating the crypto system becomes almost impossible; not even hackers stand a good chance. If a transaction is displayed in a single ledger copy, it will easily be detected and flagged. It is this cutting-edge security technology that makes the future of cryptocurrencies in the online casino industry bright.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What does crypto gambling mean?

Crypto gambling entails using digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc., in making casino deposits. The cryptocurrencies use a technique referred to as cryptography, meaning the currency exchange doesn't have any central regulatory body.

Using crypto in live casinos is faster, secure, and available to almost all players due to the decentralized technology.

How can I deposit crypto in live casinos?

After signing up to a crypto casino, the player will get their crypto address linked to their gaming website's account. That's the address they'll use when transferring funds from their crypto wallet into the account.

Are crypto live casinos legit?

All live casinos, whether labeled "crypto live casinos" or not, should be licensed and regulated by the relevant bodies in the countries they operate in. Thus, crypto labeling in casinos doesn't confirm its authenticity. Research is vital to establish the legal status before signing up for a live casino site.

Is using crypto in live casinos safer than traditional deposit methods?

Yes. Most crypto transactions don't require players to share their delicate financial and personal information. That secures them from cybercrimes like phishing.

How long do crypto transactions take?

Crypto transactions are typically instant. The balance takes a few minutes to reflect.

Are there bonuses for using crypto in live casinos?

Most live casinos worldwide offer welcome and reload bonuses for new and existing players using crypto payment. The quantity and type of offer may differ from one platform to the next.

What's the maximum crypto amount a player can withdraw?

The maximum withdrawals a player can make using crypto in live casinos depend on the platform. The typical range for Bitcoin live casinos is from 3 – 5 BTC.

Why do people consider crypto transactions safer in live casinos?

Crypto transactions don't require players to disclose their personal and financial information to the casino. This feature protects users from cyber threats. Also, Cryptos use a blockchain technology that's almost impossible to hack, securing users' funds.

How can I withdraw my profits using crypto?

The user copies the wallet address and pastes it into the "transfer" section in the casino account. After verifying the transaction, the amount will reflect in their wallets in a few minutes as soon as the casino provider releases it.

Do live crypto casinos offer fairer games than other gaming websites?

All licensed live casinos undergo tests to ascertain that their games are fair and offer authentic results. Operators breaching this rule may face lawsuits. Thus, almost all live casinos accepting crypto payments, whether labeled "crypto casinos" or not, will provide their players with fair games. But it is good to watch out for the unlicensed and unregulated platforms.