Top Live Casinos in Nepal

Live casinos are not legal in Nepal, as the government does not see online gambling to be a morally good activity for the citizens of the country. Although gambling in Nepal isn´t legal, the government does not block foreign live casinos from accepting players from Nepal, meaning that punters in the country are free to access any site they want without any repercussions. Gamblers need to be mindful when going through these sites, as there are tons of unregulated and fraudulent ones circulating around. Read on to learn more about live casinos, and how to find the best live casino in Nepal suited to your needs.

Top  Live Casinos in Nepal
Live Casinos in Nepal

Live Casinos in Nepal

Since live casinos aren´t legal in Nepal, there are things to be on the lookout for. In case of a scam, there is no authority to protect them, so the licensing information is the first thing they need to check when visiting a live casino from abroad.

The situation is very different when it comes to land-based casinos, but so far, live casinos are prohibited in Nepal. International live casinos know that online gambling is very popular in the country, and they know they are free to accept players from Nepal, so they take full advantage of the situation.

Live Casinos in Nepal
History of Gambling in Nepal

History of Gambling in Nepal

Nepal has a long history when it comes to gambling, as the first land-based casino in the country was opened back in 1968. The government has changed its stance on gambling throughout history, but at the moment, domestic citizens are not permitted to enter a casino establishment – only tourists can do so.

This might be considered as a somewhat wise decision by the government, as it does not look likely that they will ever change their view towards gambling, but by permitting tourists to enter these establishments, they make sure that the sector has a contribution to the economy.

Nepal is one of the very few countries in South Asia to issue licenses for casinos, and at the moment, there are 8 active establishments in the country: Casino Anna, Casino Everest, Casino Rad, Casino Nepal, Casino Shangri La, Casino Royale, Casino Pokhara, Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, and Tara Casino.

With the exception of these land-based casinos, all kinds of gambling in Nepal are considered to be illegal. The country does not even have a national lottery, and it never had. So, it might be a bit surprising to see how popular online gambling is for Nepalese citizens, given the obstacles in the sector.

So, even though online gambling is illegal in the country, punters still find a way around these restrictions, and they do so by accessing offshore live casinos that happily accept players from Nepal.

The government does not block these sites, so there is a great number of foreign live casinos that punters are free to access. So, all in all, the history of online gambling in Nepal can be described with just one sentence: online gambling is not legal, but the players are free to access international live casinos without fearing criminal prosecution.

Gambling Nowadays in Nepal

Land-based casinos in Nepal are free to be accessed only by foreign citizens, and upon entering a casino, tourists are required to show some kind of ID that shows that they are from abroad. Nepal is one of the few states in South Asia which somewhat approves gambling, so this is a rare exception they make.

The situation is very different when it comes to online gambling, which is forbidden in all forms in the country. There are no licensed live casinos operating in Nepal at the moment, but offshore sites do not face any restrictions when it comes to accepting punters from the country. Online gambling is very popular in Nepal, so international live casinos are full of players from there, who know that they cannot be criminally charged for gambling at such sites.

History of Gambling in Nepal
Future of Online Casino in Nepal

Future of Online Casino in Nepal

It is evident from markets in the world where online gambling is legal that the industry when good regulations are in place, can be very profitable. However, the Nepalese government does not seem interested in even hearing about potential benefits that might come with legalizing online casinos, so at the moment, they are completely forbidden.

It doesn’t look likely that it will change the stance when it comes to improving Nepalese’s gambling regulation anytime soon, so it is close to impossible for the local online gamblers to enjoy the perks of playing at domestic online casinos.

So, it seems that the only way forward for Nepalese punters is to keep playing their favourite games at offshore online casinos that happily accept players from the country. Luckily for them, there are tons of those licensed in some of the most relevant jurisdictions.

The even better news is that there won’t be any charges for individuals who gamble at such sites, and there have never been. Although illegal, the government has noticed that it cannot fully control the online gambling activities in the country, so they let punters enjoy their favourite games at these offshore sites.

A regulated online casino market can be a major contributor to the country's economy, but it won't happen overnight, so for now, the only prediction about Nepalese's online gambling sector is that foreign sites will continue to provide the services to punters there.

Mobile Gaming

The online gambling market is constantly evolving, so new and better things take over every now and then. The next trend in online gambling seems to be live casino mobile gaming, and it is one aspect that can be easily predicted.

The mobile penetration in Nepal grows with each passing day, and recent statistics show that the number of mobile subscriptions in the country has reached more than 42 million, with the number expected to grow even more.

People from Nepal finish most of their daily activities from their mobile phones, and it is a trend that has continued in online gambling as well. There are tons of reputable live casinos that have optimized their site for mobile usage, so punters from Nepal can enjoy their favourite games on the go.

Future of Online Casino in Nepal
Nepali Players Favourite Live Games

Nepali Players Favourite Live Games

Live dealer games are the most played category of games among Nepali punters and it is easy to see why. They are very easy to understand and to play, and the mere fact that these versions of games have been around since the early days of gambling speaks volumes.

Live poker, live blackjack, live baccarat, and live roulette are games that are accessed most frequently by Nepali players in international live casinos. Poker, blackjack, and baccarat have many different versions, and besides luck, they require a specific skill set to emerge victoriously, but the rules of the games are very simple.

As for live roulette, there are also many different versions players can find in the most reputable live casinos from abroad, but there is not so much skill here – players only rely on luck, so the excitement while playing it is enormous.

The game selection is very important for every live casino, and as Nepali players have a wide range of choices when it comes to live casinos to play at, they need to be on top of their game to attract them – with a vast game selection being the number one priority.

Nepali Players Favourite Live Games
Top Software Providers

Top Software Providers

As mentioned above, the most important pillar in every live casino is the game selection. To put it simply – the more games they offer, the bigger the number of registered players on the site. Players from Nepal check the game selection, but it is also important to have a good list of game providers creating these games.

There are some names in the game providers industry that just stand out from the rest, and when Nepali punters see them, they know that the brand is reliable and they will get the best quality games.

The game providers list should be visible on the live casino’s homepage, and if it contains the likes of:

  • NetEnt
  • Apollo Games
  • Authentic gaming
  • Playtech
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Yggdrasil
  • Microgaming

Other Casino Games

Of course, any live online casino in Nepal cannot simply rely on live dealer games all the time, despite the fact that they are the most popular category in the country. Casinos need to make sure they offer a variety of games so that players can try their luck on something else if they feel like it during the day, or they just run out of luck with the live games.

Slots need to be mentioned here as the second most favourite types of games among Nepali players, and every reputable casino sure has them in abundance. Slots are very easy to understand and to play, can be quite rewarding, so players are keen to try their luck there.

What is even better, slots have different themes, graphics, features, and payouts, so every player can find something that matches their taste. Apart from slots, Nepali players can find bingo, scratch cards, keno, as well as craps in every casino’s game selection. Once again, the more categories of games the site has, the better it is, so Nepali players will make sure to create an account only at the best casinos.

Top Software Providers
Top Casino Bonuses in Nepal

Top Casino Bonuses in Nepal

The main reason why any punter from Nepal will register at any live casino is the game selection, but there are other factors that might contribute towards a decision. Nowadays, there are plenty of live casinos that offer a wide range of games, but bonuses and promotions have emerged as another key factor in choosing a site to register on. Every bonus is different, and every live casino will offer different promotions to players, but one thing is common, no matter the site the player registers on – every bonus has certain terms and conditions that just have to be read carefully before proceeding.

There are different types of bonuses Nepali players can expect when registering at international live casinos, and some of those are for new players, while others are aimed at keeping the already existing ones loyal to the brand.

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are can be found in every live casino worldwide, and they can come in many different types, depending on the casino itself. Some live casinos will offer a deposit match bonus upon signing up, while others may offer a no deposit bonus.

Welcome bonuses are known for having big terms and conditions, and they might not be ideal for everyone, so before claiming it, players need to be informed about the details. Welcome bonuses are only meant for newly registered players, and they can only be used once. Read more about welcome bonuses here.

No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are high on the list of popular bonuses for Nepali players, and it is easy to see why – they don’t require the player to spend any of their real money, so it is basically free cash the site is giving out.

No deposit bonuses don´t require any deposit made by the player. Usually, the site will notice when a player is a regular there, and they will make sure to reward them with a nice no deposit bonus. It is always a good idea to claim it should it come the player’s way. Read more about no deposit bonuses here.

Mobile bonuses

Next, mobile bonuses are emerging as favourites among punters from Nepal. Live casinos have noticed that players love to place wagers on their mobile phones, and some will offer special bonuses for players who download the casino’s mobile app.

Mobile bonuses are easy to claim. Usually, all that is required is to download the casino’s mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple Store, complete the login details, and the bonus will be there.

Vip or Loyalty Programs

Lastly, VIP or Loyalty Programs are present in almost every live casino, and the aim is to reward the most loyal players on the site. There will be a sort of loyalty ladder which the players will climb, and the higher they go, the bigger the rewards.

Loyalty Programs are also aimed at the most engaged customers, and depending on the casino in question, players might be in for some handsome prizes. All they need to do is be active on the site and play games constantly, after which they can claim these rewards. Read more about Loyalty bonuses here.

Top Casino Bonuses in Nepal
Payment Methods in Nepal

Payment Methods in Nepal

Every player has their own preferences when it comes to payment methods, and just like the games – operators need to make sure to offer plenty of them to attract more players. With that being said, there are certain options that Nepali tend to use more often than others.

Credit/debit cards are the most preferred payment method, as they are very safe to use. Deposits are instant, while withdrawals may take up to 5 business days. The problem with withdrawals is eliminated with e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, which offer instant withdrawals, and are slowly becoming the number one choice for players in Nepal.

Other Payment Methods in a Nepal casino live

Prepaid cards are also present at most of the live casinos accepting players from Nepal, but they tend to be avoided. Every player wants instant access to their winnings and all their money, but these cards just don’t offer that. Paysafecard is an example here.

Next, cryptocurrencies deserve a mention. They have all the advantages of traditional payment methods, but they are have not yet expanded enough among Nepali players. It is worth keeping an eye on them in the future, however.

Payment Methods in Nepal


Everything you need to know about casinos

Are live casinos legal in Nepal?

No, all types of online gambling are forbidden in the country.

Can players from Nepal play at international live casinos?

Even though it is illegal to gamble online, Nepali players are still free to access foreign live casinos, as the government does not enforce the penalties in place for doing so. No one has been charged for gambling online in Nepal.

Are land-based casinos legal in Nepal?

Yes, but only for tourists. Locals are not allowed entry into these establishments.

How old do visitors need to be to gamble in Nepal?

Tourists need to be at least 21 years old to gamble in Nepal.

Which live games can be found in international live casinos?

The most reputable live casinos will make sure to offer live poker, live blackjack, live baccarat, and live roulette to punters from Nepal. These games also come in many different categories.

Which payment methods are most used by Nepali players?

Punters from Nepal tend to use credit/debit cards and e-wallets for all their transactions, as they are safe and fast.

Do live casinos from abroad accept Bitcoin as a payment method?

Yes, although not very popular yet among Nepali players, Bitcoin can be found in most of the reputable live casinos from abroad.

Can punters from Nepal play games for free at offshore live casinos?

Most games have demo versions, and they can be played for free before punters decide to wager real money.

Do players get welcome bonuses upon signing up at a live casino?

Every newly registered player from Nepal is sure to get a nice welcome bonus upon signing up. Welcome bonuses are different, and they vary from one site to another.

How to know the live casino in question is safe?

The licensing information is always found at the footer of the site, and should it have everything, players can rest assured the site is completely safe.