Do Live Online Casinos Cheat?



Playing at the best live casinos is so convenient and fulfilling. That’s because these casinos boast the convenience of online casinos and the realistic nature of land-based casinos. But while some players are grateful for this technology, some suspect some mischief is involved. Which begs the question; do online live casinos cheat players?

Do Live Online Casinos Cheat?

The Skeptical Player vs. Cheating Dealer

Technically, playing live casino games means playing alone at home or wherever you are. Although playing in the comfort of your home is an added advantage, it can leave you skeptical about what’s happening on the other side.

Suppose you’re playing blackjack online, and you lose a hand that you thought you were so close to winning. Of course, if it were in a land-based casino, you’d channel your frustrations to other players. But since you’re at home alone, you may suspect that the online casino did something sinister. Don’t blame yourself, though, because that’s human nature!

But you might be right after all in being skeptical. In 2017, a player uploaded a video on YouTube showing a dealer cheating at one of the most popular live casinos. The dealer is seen dealing the second card from the top of the shoe/deck in the clip. This method has been used by cheating gamblers for centuries now.

Do Live Casinos Really Cheat?

From the example above, players are at liberty to be suspicious of every action at the casino. This is probably the only way to ensure you’re not rigged out of the game. But to the cheating dealer’s rescue, it’s not clear whether the act caught on the video was intentional or not.

Before pointing the finger at the casino, it’s vital to remember that winning and losing are all part of the game. Often, the house edge will ensure you lose most of your bets more than you win them. Besides, all the live online casino action is streamed in real-time right in front of you. So, there is nothing to worry about.

How to Avoid Cheating Live Dealer Casinos

Do you doubt your intelligence abilities at the casino? If so, go ahead and apply these tips to avoid playing at a cheating casino:

Read reviews

Nothing can be more accurate than first-hand information from other players and reviews. Here at LiveCasinoRank, you’ll get in-depth reviews of the best live casinos to play at. Once you’ve settled on a specific live casino, proceed to dig out experiences from former and current players. This will help you know things like game fairness, support quality, transaction speed, etc.

Game suppliers

Most live casinos don’t stream the games from their own studios. Instead, they contract services from software developers. With that in mind, the best live casino sites must offer games from renowned suppliers. Ezugi, Microgaming, Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Betsson are just some of the names to favor. Remember, these game developers have a reputation to protect.

Stay in the know

If you’re serious about cutting it in this industry, then stay in the loop with industry news. You’ll be surprised to realize that the infamous 2017 incident isn’t the only one. But don’t be quick to write off a betting site before the incident is concluded. Some players just don’t know how to accept losses. As a result, they end up mud-slinging legit live casinos.

Go ahead and play!

Hope you’ve learned a lot after reading this post. Most live casinos, especially licensed ones, are legit and do not cheat. Often, you might find out that it’s indeed the accusing player who is at fault. So, do your research before joining a casino. Also, don’t cheat!

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