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The Lightning Baccarat game has become highly popular today due to the wide selection of baccarat games it offers. Since its invention, baccarat has been a favorite game for both live casino and land-based casinos. This has been as a result of its simple rules and impressive payouts it offers players. To play the baccarat game, punters just need to choose between the player and the banker. There are two common types of baccarat including live lightning baccarat and classic baccarat.

In this article, individuals will learn what the game entails, how it’s played, its rules, and how players can win.

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What Is Live Lightning Baccarat?

The primary difference between classic baccarat and live lightning baccarat is speed. the mechanisms used in playing the game and the payouts methods remain unchanged. However, with the live lightning baccarat, players are guaranteed to enjoy a fast-paced environment while playing the game. Just as its name sounds, it offers excitement that assures its players to enjoy Baccarat like never before.

How to Play Lightning Baccarat Online?

To play the live lightning baccarat, every game round features 1-5 lightning cards that are randomly generated. These cards are generated from the virtual 52 card deck which comes in hand with randomly generated payout multipliers. To win, players need to have one or more matching lightning cards.

Depending on the matching cards they get, the winnings are then multiplied accordingly from 2x to 8x. Important to note, about the lightning baccarat is the multipliers can go much further depending on the number of matching cards they've got. For instance, if they hold on hand three matching lightning cards, the winning will be multiplied to as much as 8x8x8 (512x). This makes the game even more exciting since it is possible to get a player winnings multiplied up to a cap of €500,000 inclusive of their playing bet.

Live Lightning Baccarat Rules

A great factor that makes live lightning baccarat liked by many people is the loyal and well-stipulated rules. Important things punters need to note while playing the game is they must get a total card value closest or equal to nine. All tens and face cards they get are worth zero while aces are worth 1 point.

Players have the option to bet either on the banker or the player. A bet on the baker wins and one is given 95% of their wager. On the other hand, one is given 100% of their wager if they bet on the player. In simple terms, the house edge for betting on the player is 1.24% while on the banker is 1.06%.

How to Win at Live Lightning Baccarat

There is no shortcut to winning the live lightning baccarat. Players need to always keep their heads on their shoulders and walk when they are in the green. Money management is also considered an important strategy for winning the game.

Live Lightning Baccarat Strategy

What makes the live lighting baccarat more thrilling is the fast-lightning experience in the gameplay. The strategy of shuffling the games quickly and at a swift pace is what makes everything in the game enjoyable. It allows players to enjoy more games in a short time bearing in mind payouts are instant. Who doesn’t want to receive the payouts immediately.

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