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As anyone would guess, Sette e Mezzo, which translates into Seven and a Half, has its roots in Italy. People call it the Italian blackjack because the title is very similar to blackjack. Nevertheless, the nature and gameplay of this card game are pretty exotic. That means even non-Italians can enjoy the fresh experience of this game. This guide has been devised to help interested players learn the rope in perhaps seven and a half minutes or so. The guide contains a detailed overview of live Sette e Mezzo by Playtech, one of the most respected live casino software providers.

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What is Live Sette e Mezzo?

Live Sette e Mezzo is an Italian-themed title found at some of the best live casinos online. This game by the casino software Playtech uses Neapolitan card decks, with each deck containing ten cards. Like any other Italian stuff, the game is classy, elegant, and wildly entertaining. While the title has a lot in common with blackjack in terms of rules and style, it would be an injustice to label it as a mere variant of blackjack. Perhaps the closest description of the game would be that it is a mix of blackjack with hints of baccarat, which is also a common title in live casinos.

How to Play Live Sette e Mezzo

While this guide has already mentioned several details of the game, that's mere surface scratching. The detail lies in how to play the game. In actuality, Sette e Mezzo may not be a thing for players who are new to casino live table games. Nevertheless, it is easy to play, as this guide will reveal in a moment. But before that, it is important to talk about the basics of the game. What does the deck look like?

The Deck

Sette e Mezzo's deck is one of the title's distinguishing features, and one may need time to get used to it. There are four Neapolitan decks, including the following:

  • Swords (Spade)
  • Clubs (Bastoni)
  • Coins (Denari)
  • Cups (Coppe)

As already mentioned, each deck contains ten cards, meaning players get the opportunity to play with a total of 40 cards. Within each deck, there are low cards, Jacks, Cavaliers, Kings, and Aces. As blackjack players would observe, 8s, 9s, and 10s are missing. That's because Neapolitan decks don't contain anything of the sort. Low cards carry values between 2 - 7, while Aces are worth a point. Jacks, Cavaliers, and Kings are worth half a point each.

Players must also not forget that there is the Wild of the game known as the King of Coins, which can act as a substitute for any card. If a player with the King of Coins hits seven and a half points, they win the so-called Mezzo Royal hand, a phenomenal feat in Sette e Mezzo.

The Rules of Live Sette e Mezzo

The objective of the game is to beat the casino live dealer with a higher hand- here is where the game resembles blackjack. But the catch is that the total card value in the player's hand must never go above seven and a half points. It is no wonder the game is also known as Seven and a Half. The player will still win even if the croupier goes bust (exceeds the maximum card value)

The live casino game involves certain automatic rules, which become active in certain predetermined circumstances. A good example is if a player gets the King of Coins. In this case, the dealer will deal the player with a second one instantly. If the dealer gets the King of Coins, the player will receive cards until they (player) reach seven.

If both the player and the dealer land a five as the first card, the player automatically receives another one. If the result for both is five, the player will lose (that's a tie).

Live Sette e Mezzo Payouts

In a live dealer online casino game with 99.31% RTP, players have plenty of opportunities to snatch a win. Players who get Mezzo Royal, which is the ultimate winning hand, walk home with a payout of 3:2. On the other hand, a regular winning hand pays out 1:1. But there are also side bets where each combination pays out differently.

Side Bets

Those who play casino games live know that all the games feature side bets, and Sette e Mezzo is not an exception. The game's side bets include the following:

Mano di Poker (Poker Hand): This bet involves the dealer's first and player's two cards. If the cards successfully create a poker hand, the player wins the corresponding payout. Here, a royal flush pays out 155:1, while a straight hand carries a 5:1 payout.

Partita Perfetta (Perfect Pairs): Here, the player gets on the chance that their opening cards would form a pair with the dealer's. Of course, the cards vary in value. For example, face cards have a 10:1 payout, while 7s deliver 55:1. A pair of low cards deliver 5:1.

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