August 29, 2021

Ezugi Debuts 32 Cards for Indian Live Casino Players

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When it comes to creating a live casino experience for Indian players, nobody does it any better than Ezugi. Hot on the heels of the Lucky 7 launch, the developer is at it again after announcing the debut of the 32 Cards live. Mission? Identify the winning hand from the four available hands.

Ezugi Debuts 32 Cards for Indian Live Casino Players

What is 32 Cards Live?

32 Cards live is a fast-paced table game currently available on the best live casinos online. This table game was introduced in October last year and offers players a nail-biting experience different from table game classics like blackjack and poker.

That said, the whole gameplay concept revolves around a deck of 32 cards. Unlike blackjack, the stripped decks don't include the 5s, 4s, 3s, and 2s. Also, aces aren't available.

Instead, the 32 Card live casino game includes card values of 6 to K. As expected in any card game, cards K, Q, and J have values of 13, 12, and 11, respectively.

The game boasts a straightforward format, making it excellent for smartphone, tablet, and computer gaming. Also, it has a fantastic table limit of €1 to €5,000. Just remember that the RTP can go as low as 91%.

How to Play 32 Cards Live

As said, 32 Cards live is a quick-paced table game. Now this means a single round only lasts a few minutes. Players can wager on either of the four hands, each with a different starting value. The values are:

  • Hand one: 8 points
  • Hand 2: 9 points
  • Hand three: 10 points
  • Hand four: 11 points

After choosing a starting hand, each player gets an additional card, with the one containing the highest value carrying the day. If there is a draw, the second round of cards is dished out until a winner is found.

For example, if the first hand above gets an 8, the second one an 8, hand three receives a ten, and hand four gets a nine, hand three and four have a tie. Then the dealer gives hand three a 7 and player four a 5. If that happens, hand 3 is the winner of the round.

Official Statement from Ezugi

Commenting immediately after the latest release, Ezugi's Head of Product, Lionel Dardic, said that 32 Cards is meant to capture the spirit of Indian players. He continued that the game comes with straightforward rules and is perfect for mobile play.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dardic said that 32 Cards is tailored not only for Indian players but also for anyone who loves a live casino experience. He closed up by saying the game's fast-paced nature is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. So far, so good!

Additional Perks for Indian Players

In a different report, Ezugi recently announced the debut of Lucky 7, another Indian favorite. In this game, punters will predict whether the card dealt is below 7 (7 down), above 7 (7 up), or Lucky 7. The game uses eight decks placed in the shoe and shuffled whenever the cutting card is reached.

To improve your win potential, Lucky 7 also lets gamers make multiple side bets. The available sides bets are the Odd or Even and Black or Red.

Alongside the Lucky 7 launch, Ezugi's Pang Goh also said that the Evolution-owned company would be cutting the ribbon on a brand-new Indian-themed studio. It's here that Ezugi will live stream most of its Indian favorites, including Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Namaste Roulette, Lucky 7, and 32 Cards.

The brand-new Ezugi studio uses state-of-the-art live dealer technology with hallmarks of an Indian-themed live casino studio. Overall, Ezugi is making considerable strides to grow its Indian presence and beyond.

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