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Evolution Gaming is among the top live casino software providers of blackjack games in numerous variants. Since their debut game, the Cow Evolution, the leading developer has grown above and beyond. Their 2019 releases, Lightning Dice, Monopoly Live, and Deal or No Deal, could have been a hit, but the current Live Macau VIP Blackjack William Hill still beats them.

Anyone can quickly tell it's an Evolution production by simply looking at the quality of the video, audio, design, and interactive features. Here's a comprehensive guide for those wondering what makes the Macau VIP Blackjack special and a thrill in live casinos.

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What is Live Macau VIP Blackjack William Hill?

The Live Macau VIP Blackjack by the software provider Evolution Gaming is an exclusive treat designed to meet the demands and desires of high blackjack rollers. The game streams live from Macau-inspired studios and support viewing and playing from almost all devices. The casino live dealers make the game sufficiently interactive, bringing the illusion of a physical casino to the minds of the game's enthusiasts.

Live Macau VIP Blackjack is exclusively available in one of the best live casinos, the William Hill gaming site. It also supports streaming in several languages, including Chinese, English, Albanian, Czech, Bulgarian, and Croatian.

How to Play Live Macau VIP Blackjack William Hill

Live Macau VIP Blackjack is a good choice for gamers looking for a dynamic and interactive way to play and win casino games live. Like in any standard blackjack game, the player should focus on beating the casino live dealer. Here are the steps.

Register with the Casino Live Table Games Platform

The process begins by registering with William Hill casino and entering their Macau-themed platform.

Take a Seat Multi-Player Table

Look for the "Seat Here" sign on the seven-seat table and click on it. If the player changes their mind, they can quickly leave the table by clicking the "X" sign next to their occupied seat.

Place Bets

Failure to place a wager may result in a seat loss, whereby the player is forced to wait until the next session or until any of the occupants leave their seat vacant.

After placing a primary bet, Live Macau VIP Blackjack players can place additional two bets, Perfect pairs and 21+3. They can choose to expose the other stakes alongside their primary ones or hide them.

Dealing of Cards

The dealer then deals a card to each player on the table, starting from the person on the left hand, and deals one card to themselves. Then, the process repeats till every player has two cards at hand.

Decide the Next Step

After receiving two cards, a player decides whether to hit (request for additional cards), stand (wait for the dealer to reveal cards), or double down (match initial bet).

Is it a Win or Loss?

Winning or losing a Live Macau VIP Blackjack game depends on the sum of cards in a player's hand versus those on a dealer's hand.

The player wins if their cards' sum is close to but not more than 21. If they're past 21, then it's a bust and player losses. If it's close to 21 but more than the dealer's hand, the player wins. If it's close to 21 but lower than the dealer's hand, it's a loss to the player.

A few Rules to Keep in Mind

Cards labeled 2 through 9 carry their face value, meaning a card labeled four counts as four, and five counts as five. But, cards marked J, K, and Q have a sum of 10. Ace can either be 1 or 11, depending on which number benefits the hand most. For example, Ace will count as 11 if it pairs with a card marked 4, while it will be one if it pairs with Q and 6.

Whether a player hits or stands depends on the sum of cards at hand. The goal is to move close to 21 as much as possible, but not above the number. Thus, it's easier to hit with a hand containing at most 15 than for one with 17 or 18.

Live Macau VIP Blackjack William Hill Payouts

Live Macau VIP Blackjack players have more than the easy play and interactive game session to boast about. The play also offers one of the best payouts among live casino games. It provides an excellent experience for players looking for places to stake highly and who aren't ready to compromise their gameplay.

Like a standard blackjack, the sum of cards in other players' hands doesn't affect another gamer's win. Thus, every player's priority is to beat the dealer, not a fellow player.

The player will need to stake between $1 and $5,000 in their live dealer online casino for a chance to win. The return to player (RTP) rate stands at 96.4%, with no specific cap on the maximum winnings a player can receive. Live Macau VIP Blackjack William Hill allows side bets, making it one of the best casino live table games. That means higher chances of risks and better earnings.

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