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Blackjack is arguably one of the most popular casino live table games globally. Blackjack's massive following in live gaming circles has inspired numerous game variations from different live casino software providers, each trying to differentiate the game and capture the market. However, live Genie Blackjack stands out as one of the most successful variants, developed by the renowned casino software developer Evolution Gaming.

One of the contributing factors to the game's popularity in most live dealer online casinos is its entertaining and thrilling gameplay, which adds to the already popular blackjack game to make it more suitable to live casino gaming.

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What is Live Genie Blackjack?

Live genie blackjack is one of the most popular variations of real-time blackjack, exclusive only to a few of Evolution's partners. The live casino game is somewhat similar to several other variants offered by the best live casinos. However, the main differences are quality, bet options, bet limits, and a few rules. For example, the minimum bet limit for the game is €5, and a maximum of €500 per hand.

Thanks to genie lamps at each seat, the game stands out in many ways. The live dealer has to rub the lights for good luck before dealing, which helps to make the live game more exciting. The game employs eight standard decks of cards and offers three side bets.

How to Play Live Genie Blackjack

Live Genie Blackjack tables usually have seven seats but can be played by fewer players. The main difference between Live Genie Blackjack and other variants is the theme, which features the genie lamps. The genie lamps stimulate the live game, though they are entirely cosmetic and do not influence the gameplay.

Besides the theme and cosmetic lamp effect, Genie Blackjack's gameplay is similar to the standard blackjack game. The live dealer game starts with punters placing their bets on the table. The dealer then deals two cards to each punter, rubbing the players' lumps while giving out cards. All cards are dealt from eight regular cards decks shuffled together before the game starts.

The punters' primary objective is to score a total card value closer to 21 than the live dealer. After receiving the first two cards, the punters can opt to get one additional card at a time until they feel comfortable with their total card value, provided the value does not exceed 21. A player loses automatically when the total card value exceeds 21. If the card value is less than 21, it is compared to the dealer's to determine the winner.

Live Genie Blackjack Rules

All the number cards in Live Genie Blackjack have the actual number value, irrespective of the suit. For example, a two has a value of two, and a seven has a value of seven. Face cards, also known as picture cards, have a value of ten. Those are the Jack, queen, and king cards. The ace can have a value of either one or eleven, depending on the player's hand. For instance, if eleven makes the total value exceed 21, the ace will be counted as one.

The dealer's hand must have one card revealed and the other card hidden. If the dealer opts to get additional cards, the added cards will also be dealt face down. The single face-up card helps punters make informed decisions about whether to get extra cards.

Side Bets

Live Genie Blackjack offers three side bets: Bet Behind, Pairs, and 21+3. The side bets, especially the bet behind, are beneficial for punters waiting for their chance of getting a seat at the Live Genie Blackjack table. This bet allows punters to bet on any player winning the next hand.

Live Genie Blackjack Payouts

One of the main reasons Live Genie Blackjack is incredibly popular in live casinos is its attractive payouts. The payout is 3 to 2 for landing a blackjack, the standard for most blackjack casino games live. However, what makes it even better is the RTP rate, which stands at 99.29%. With such a rate, players can manage their bankroll much better and have high chances of walking away with a profit.

The payout for winning a hand against the dealer is 1:1. That means players win an equal amount to what they bet for every win against the dealer. In other words, punters get double the amount they bet for every win. Doubling down and winning against the casino live dealer does not change the payout. It only increases the number of units per hand, meaning players win more units simultaneously.

As mentioned earlier, Genie Blackjack Live by Evolution offers several side bets as well. The different side bets have different payouts.

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