Top Ten Biggest Jackpots



Slots are easy to understand and also to play. You put a coin on it and pull the lever or press the SPIN button, then the reels will start to spin on the screen.

Top Ten Biggest Jackpots

Once the reels stop, you'll hope you have a winning combination and that you’ll be able to buy a new car for yourself or even a new house. However, this is not the result that’s likely to come out of a slot since it's possible for you to win just a few bucks. Slots are the biggest moneymakers for Americans casinos.

There’s always an opportunity for you to win, and some people have won it big. Slots payouts are some of the largest out of any other game in casinos. Check the following payouts and you’ll be amazed.

1. $39,710,826.36

This amount was won by a 25 year old software engineer who is still anonymous who won nearly $40 million on a progressive slot at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas.

It happened in 2003 and, until nowadays, it remains the most significant slot jackpot ever. He only used $100 on the Megabucks slot machine. That’s a true return on investment. Definitely worth the investment.

  1. $34,959,458.56

Cynthia Jay Brennan, a cocktail waitress, had the most important day of her entire career. This happened in January of 2000. Cynthia, who was 37 at the time, played a Megabucks slot at the Desert Inn.

The Wynn Las Vegas is now the former location of the Desert Inn. Unfortunately, Cynthia was in a tragic car accident six weeks later and that’s when she was hit by a drunk driver. She is paralyzed and her sister died in the accident.

  1. $27, 580,879.60

This happened on November 15th 1998. A retired flight attendant gambled at the Palace Station casino, only with the intention of spending $100 on slots without thinking she’d win anything. She got through her budget as normally she would.

However, she won almost $28 million on a Megabucks machine. She was incredibly lucky.

  1. $22,621,229.74

On May 27th 2002, Johanna Heundl won the 4th of the biggest slot jackpots ever. This California resident decided to play at a Megabucks slot. She was on her way to have breakfast when she decided to play.

Johanna looked away from the machine for a moment. When she looked back at the slot, she had to check twice. She had won nearly $23 million.

5. 21,346,952.22

On the 1st of June in 1999, an anonymous business consultant put a $10 bill in a Megabucks slot, without knowing that his life was about to change.

This Illinois resident won $21.3 million on that slot at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. He still is anonymous to this day.

  1. $21,147,947.00

Dreams do come true. Tell that to Elmer Sherwin who won $4.6 million in 1989 at the Mirage. Almost 20 years later, he also won $21.1 million on a Megabucks machine at the Cannery Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

He’s definitely the luckiest man alive since he won not one but two jackpots. Elmer passed away when he was 94.

7. $17,329,817.80

Any regular is familiar with the free gits that are given. There’s the $20 credit so that you can play on slots, the dinner voucher and even the discount for your hotel room.

They’re amazing but what people want to win is money. In December of 2012, an anonymous gambler won almost $18 million with a free credit to play on a slot. That’s what’s called good luck.

  1. $17,329,817.80

A casino regular, known the Rampart Lucky local, played only a $20 bill in a Megabucks machine at the Rampart. He then won a multimillion jackpot. He made a huge donation to his local church. This made it possible for the fledgling church to build their own church. At the time, the church was hosting their events and all of their services at a local high school’s gym.

  1. $12,769,933.00

In January 21st, 2011 an unknown woman was visiting her niece who lived in Las Vegas. She only had $6 in cash and she decided to play a Megabucks at the Aria Casino and Resort and that’s where she won $12.7 million. That’s when her life forever changed.

10. $12,510,549.90

On April 14th, 1997 Suzanne Henley stopped into the New York – New York Casino one night after work, on her way home.

She had a hunch that the casino had something for her on the Megabucks slot. Suzanne played $100 on the Megabucks machine that was suspected to be a winner. And, obviously, she won millions. She won $12.5 million.

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