Playtech Live Casino Expands to Romania



Playtech has moves to Romania in order to expand its live casino operations since there’s the need to help the demand that’s increasing in the market, which is definitely something great for the country. Since 2017, the FTSE250 technology group has been running its Bucharest-based studio, since it was launched in order to meet the increasing demand for live casinos in this region of Europe. There are many live roulette, blackjack and baccarat tables that are hosted by native Romanian, Spanish, English and Italian dealers which are currently housed in Playtech’s studio room.

Playtech Live Casino Expands to Romania

The advantages of having Playtech in Romania

This brand is going to host twice the number of tables available so that it’s possible to enhance its Bucharest studio ability, and it’s also going to add Greek-speaking dealers so that people from Greece are able to play at this live casino. The Colombian market is the one after that, which is a great advantage since there are many eager to play at an amazing live casino.

Playtech is going to retain live casino services from 5 locations following the update that was scheduled, backed by native-speaking dealers that operated in 9 different languages. Although this seems like a normal day to Playtech, it is not. It is important that people know that there’s a lot in stake.

The brand definitely knows what its doing and recognizes that it’s not easy but because of its success that it already has got, it’s possible to do anything. All of this means that Romanian players will have a better live casino service and, of course, there’s definitely a huge advantage for everyone.

Playtech expanding the live casino in Romania means that this country is betting in this way of playing and citizens can have fun while playing at this type of casino. It’s great that Romania is expanding their live casino operations but this all derivates from an increase on the demand from the citizens who want to play.

The opinion of the people of the brands

The live country manager from Romania for Playtech, Artyom Moskvin, stated that this is an unprecedented extension of our live casino facility in Romania reflects both the growth of the local market and as well the grand expansion of Playtech’s live casino business worldwide.

Investing in the progress of the buildings right now, it’s possible to support the existing demand for the services as well as planning for future growth. Something that is Playtech’s long-term strategy is the expansion into newly regulating markets. By offering additional capacity and native-speaking dealers for a wide number of languages, Playtech is able to prepare their business and their partners for an amazing next stage in live casino services.

Playtech will change how Romanians play at a live casino

Playtech is a great known brand that you might know of already and that has been around for a long time. Now Romanians can take advantage of their live casino games , which is definitely highly advantageous. It’s easy to access their live casino and to play the games available. This brand has a lot of quality and if you’re from Romania then you can expect the best from its live casino as well, which is completely normal. Because they’re expanding their services, this means you’ll be able to have more games available to play.

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