April 12, 2021

Just How Safe is Your Online Betting Bankroll?

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You've probably heard of those countless stories about managing a gambling bankroll like a pro. But managing your bankroll effectively entails more than just being a great economist. That's because you must be extra-careful to ensure that your account is safe from hackers. So, this article's main objective isn't to show you how to manage your playing budget but how to protect it to the last coin.

Just How Safe is Your Online Betting Bankroll?

What is a safe bankroll?

First of all, it's vital to know what precisely is a "safe bankroll." For this article's purposes, the word "safe bankroll" means protecting it from unauthorized use or intrusion. Yes! That includes rogue online gambling sites that con their players. You'll know how to make sure that your bankroll is accessible only by you.

1. Play on a regulated gambling site

In the vast online casino world, nothing goes for nothing. In other words, you'll be living in a self-fooling fantasy to expect maximum bankroll security while playing in an unregulated online casino. Therefore, make sure you sign up on a regulated casino to avoid those "sad" stories.

That said, the best online casinos ensure the safety of your bankroll by conducting regular ID verification processes. This ensures that the person managing the gambling account is you. Also, most of these casinos have valid and renowned licenses. So, the next time you find a little-known casino without proper regulation, kindly give it a wide berth.

2. Create a strong password

So, how does a strong password look? First and foremost, a strong password for your gambling account should be unique. This is something that you've already done with your email account. It's best to use long passwords, with a minimum of twelve characters where possible. Also, avoid using birth months, years, names of real people, etc.

But wait a minute! How can you remember a password like "mine35190Xh3,H?" Of course, you'll require assistance to remember this password each time you want to play. For example, you can always write it somewhere safe on your physical or virtual notebook on your smartphone or computer. Even better, AI technology helps browsers remember your password each time you want to play.

3. Use a strong security question

This is arguably the most straightforward way hackers can access your account and reset the password. They only need to answer a simple security question, and it's over. Typically, these queries are pretty weak and straightforward, like "what is the name of your grandfather?" or "what is the occupation of your father?" Unfortunately, answers to these questions are pretty simple to guess or find online.

The trick here is to give an intentional fake answer that you can easily remember. For example, if the security question is "what is your high school teacher's name?", you can give the wrong answer that even your classmate can't guess. Overall, choose a tough security question to be on the safe side.

4. Be careful with malware attacks

Bad guys over the internet will always try to add malware into your system to snoop on your personal information or damage the computer altogether. In most cases, malware comes attached to unsuspecting downloads or by visiting a specific website. Therefore, get an excellent antivirus program to protect your system 24/7.

In addition to installing antivirus software, always update your computer or mobile device regularly. The newest OS versions often come with updated security features that prevent hackers from gaining access to your personal information. For instance, updating your iPhone to iOS 14 allows you to know whenever an app has copied your data on a clipboard.


Many gamers whose accounts have been hacked have been sloppy. That's because real "hacking" that involves cracking your password is just like a Hollywood dream. So, use the tricks above, and you'll stay well ahead of the one-trick-pony hackers.

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