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Tips on How You Can Improve Your Live Casino Gaming Strategy

Many live casino players tend to be obsessed with the thought of money, and they can be forgiven for this. After all, who doesn't like money? However, becoming a successful professional live casino player should not be money-driven since live online casinos are not charitable organizations. In fact, anyone who ventures into playing games of skill (and games of skill) shouldn't do so out of a desire to accumulate riches; rather, they should always approach the art with love. And that's why most successful casino players start with picking the game(s) they love. Once they do that, they can come up with a strategy that would help them enjoy the best experience.

Top Live Casino Tips & Tricks

Live Casino Top 10 Tricks for Gamblers

Diving into live casino gaming without adhering to some vital tips can be a recipe for a letdown. Here are nine golden tips to help improve one's live casino gaming strategy.

Find Safe Casinos

Naturally, playing at a safe and fair live casino is the most important thing for any casino player. No player in their right mind would let someone they don't trust handle their money, not even one. That's why players have to research before joining any live casino and supply their credit card information. Typically, safe live dealer casinos hold gambling licenses and multiple certificates by well-known agencies. These agencies would not issue a license to a live casino unless the safety and fairness of the site are guaranteed.

Know the Live Casino Etiquette

Live tables typically serve many players at once, and that's why players should be good customers and understand the live casino etiquette. There are usually chat rooms that allow players to chat with other players at the table and, most importantly, the live dealer.

Now, etiquette covers a lot of stuff, including treating fellow players and the dealer with the utmost respect. For instance, giving a simple ''well played" remark after losing a poker hand could be appropriate. Also, saying hi to the dealer when joining a live table is considered etiquette. It should not be forgotten that live dealers prove helpful when it comes to, for instance, explaining casino card game rules and ensuring they are followed to the letter. Hence, the least they deserve is respect.

Organize Your Time

Losing track of time is not new to live casino players. After all, live casino gaming is immersive. But it is wrong to assume that playing at live dealer casinos is the only thing one can do. As a player, one should never forget that there are other important things to do in life, and they should not be playing casino games at the expense of other commitments. As such, players need to organize their time so they can know when to gamble and for how long.

Odds in Your Favor

Before getting started with live casino games, it is important to know that none of these games have odds in favor of players. And when it is said that the house always wins, that statement makes sense in every sense. Every casino game is designed to give the casino a better chance of winning. Otherwise, casino operators would close their businesses and go home because of losses.

However, some casino games are more tilted in the casino's favor than others. Thus, it would be wise to go slow on such games and instead play games with better odds for players (games with low house edge). Games with the most favorable odds include blackjack, whose odds of winning are 49%, and craps and roulette, both of which have nearly 50% winning odds.

Beat Casinos at Their Own Game

While the house has the advantage in every game, the truth of the matter is that some casino games are beatable, and players ought to know them. For instance, who doesn't know that blackjack can be beaten with the so-called card counting? Yes, traditional card counting is complicated and laborious, but blackjack lovers have Dan Pronovost to thank for discovering Speed Count, an easy-to-learn technique that even average players can master and beat casinos at their own game.

VIP and High Roller Rewards

True high rollers typically make huge deposits reaching tens of thousands of dollars. This makes them eligible to join VIP programs where they can get specially tailored rewards, including faster payouts, dedicated account managers, and entry to exclusive tournaments. As with any VIP program, high roller schemes are of different levels, including silver, gold, and platinum, but they are all worth joining. The key is to ensure that the scheme does not create a situation where players are overcommitting to receive the rewards.

Learn the Bonus Requirements

The best live casinos typically offer bonuses and promotions specially designed for particular games. These bonuses can boost one's bankroll, giving them more chances to play. However, before thinking of claiming any bonus, players must read its requirements and terms to determine if the bonus is worth it.

Avoid Shady Sites

Live games are incredibly popular, and the number of people who play these games is a testament to this. Unfortunately, some people tend to take advantage of this popularity and try to come up with shady gambling dens. The good news is that avoiding such shady sites is not difficult. A good place to start is live casino review sites. If a site consistently gets negative reviews, that is a bad sign. A site that displays false licensing information should be avoided at all costs.

Play Smart

Is there anything like a smart casino player when losses are the order of the day? Yes, there are. To be a smart player, one should be able to reduce those losses as much as possible. Why would someone lose $1,000 when they would have lost only half of it? Well, playing smart involves quite a number of things, some of which have already been mentioned in this post. They include the following:

  • Quitting while ahead
  • Avoiding bad bets (e.g. the tie bet in baccarat- it has about 14% house edge)
  • Thinking carefully before making decisions
  • Setting a deposit limit
  • Gambling for fun and entertainment

Bankroll Management

Players can use bankroll management to determine if they are making big mistakes in the gambling industry. This is something that is crucial in live casinos. When being inexperienced, many times players rush to tables and wager all their money, believing that the more money they deposit – the more money they´ll win. This should be avoided when gambling at live casinos. Using good tactics can help players in gambling.

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