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Registering for an account with a Gunsbet opens up a world of gaming opportunities. You can access all of the provider's features, such as a selection of Live Casino games, safe payment methods, and some of the best bonuses - just by creating an account. Sign up to learn more about what Gunsbet has to offer and take the first step toward an exciting Live Casino experience!

When creating an account, it is very important to enter correct personal details because later on, each player will have to go through a verification procedure. Gambling is a very responsible business and novice players are probably not that aware of that fact.

Even so, new players are skeptical and even scared about sending documents to an online casino. For that reason, we will explain why it is important to verify an account and why players shouldn’t be afraid to do it.

To verify their account, players need to send copies of legal documents that can include some of the following ones:

  • A copy of passport, driving license, or National ID.
  • A copy of a bank card with which a deposit is made.
  • A copy of the utility bill.

Players have to send proof of their identity, address, and the payment method they use to fund their accounts.

When to verify an account?

Players are advised to verify their account once they register but they are not obliged to. They can explore the casino and see what it has to offer and even make a deposit to play for real money. Anyhow, if they win, they will have to verify their account before they can request a withdrawal. The reason why we suggest immediate verification is so there won’t be any delays when a withdrawal is made.

How to Login

When creating an account, players need to create a unique username and password that they can use every time they want to log into their account. It is very important to always sign out when players are done playing at a casino, especially if they are sharing a computer with a minor.

How to Unlock and Account

Receiving a notification from your favorite casino saying that your account is blocked is not pleasant news at all. There might be many different reasons why Gunsbet Casino may block an account, so we will go over the most common ones here. Each player should try to avoid these so they can have their account active.

Players who have their accounts blocked will receive a notification the moment they sign in. They will also receive an email that tells them their account is blocked. This is usually done when the casino wants to protect itself from hackers or in most cases when a player is in breach of the rules.

  • Too many unsuccessful login attempts – Players might be surprised, but in most cases, a casino blocks an account to protect a player's bankroll when someone keeps logging in with their account details. Gunsbet Casino has a safety feature that detects numerous login attempts for a specific account. This is usually done by hackers who try to guess the password. Thankfully, players can get in touch with Customer Support and reactivate their accounts.
  • Failed verification process – players who fail to verify their account are risking having their account blocked. To verify an account, players need to send copies of legal documents to verify their identity. Gunsbet is a licensed casino, and they are required to verify all of their players as part of the ‘Know Your Customer’.
  • Underage Gambling – only players who are of legal age can create an account at Gunsbet Casino. Regulation offices are very strict when it comes to underage gamblers and casinos are required to prevent any minors from playing in their casino.
  • Duplicate account – players are allowed to have only one account at Gunsbet Casino. Casinos track down duplicate accounts through their IP address, and even the player uses a different username and account details they are still risking having their account blocked.
  • Taking advantage of bonuses – Gunsbet has a very lucrative welcome offer to attract new players. The welcome bonus is available only once when players make their first deposit. Players who create multiple accounts just to take advantage of the welcome bonus, or any other bonus are risking having all their accounts blocked.
  • Suspicious activity – Gunsbet casino uses software that can detect suspicious players' activity. Some of the patterns that are considered suspicious include fixed betting amounts on poker hands or placing max bets on slot machines at certain times.
  • Money laundering – Casinos provide criminals with a good opportunity to legitimize illegal funds, so this is a great concern. Gunsbet is obliged by law to report an account that is suspected to be laundering money.
  • Big winnings – online casinos have to balance their profit and winnings every month. When a player gets extremely lucky within a short period, the casino will get alerted. What players need to remember here is that the casino will not ban them for winning big. They will only look into players who consistently win medium and high-risk bets, let's say as a card counter in Live Blackjack.
  • Data Breach – unfortunately, criminals regularly attempt to breach online casinos. Luckily, Gunsbet Casino uses the latest security measures to prevent any unauthorized access. When a data breach occurs, it is usually fixed very soon and players are advised to change their password before playing.
  • Violated Terms and Conditions – when a player creates an account, they agree to their terms and conditions. Unfortunately, players who break any of the rules are risking having their accounts blocked. In most cases, players break these rules by creating multiple accounts and providing false personal details.

So, at this point, players are probably wondering what they can do to unlock their accounts. First things first, it is to stay calm and to follow these useful tips:

  • Read the Terms and Conditions – when going over the casino’s rules, players might find the reason why their account has been blocked. Sometimes the reason can be so simple such as using the wrong payment method.
  • Understand why they got banned – once a player has gone through the rules, they can see why their account has been blocked. Finding the reason why an account has been blocked will help players find a way to fix the issue.
  • Contact Customer Support – if a player can’t find the reason why they have been banned from using the casino’s services, the best thing to do is to contact Customer Support. They will be able to look into the issue and find what the problem is. What players need to remember here is that sometimes it will not be possible to have their account unlocked, especially if they were in breach of terms and conditions.

How to close an account

Gambling is a fun activity, but unfortunately for some people, it can become an addiction that can lead to serious consequences. Gambling addicts may end up losing everything they have including their homes and worsen their relationships with close ones.

The first step to dealing with an addiction is to admit that one has a problem, which is also the hardest step.

Gunsbet Casino has a section on their website dedicated to Responsible Gambling where players can find full details on the tools the casino has to offer.

When one realizes they have a gambling problem it is usually when they are too deep into the issue. So we suggest players go over the following signs which are a clear indication that one has a problem:

  • Players who gamble longer than they intend to in each session.
  • Players who spend more money on gambling than they intend to.
  • Players who lose track of time when they gamble.
  • Players who neglect other areas of their life to spend more time gambling.
  • Players gamble intending to win back the money they have lost.
  • Players who gamble with the money they should use for something else.
  • Players who borrow money to gamble.
  • Players who are reluctant to tell people about their gambling habits.
  • Players who regret how much money they have lost on gambling.
  • Players who are feeling restless when denied the opportunity to gamble.

Gambling Limits

Gunsbet Casino allows players to set up daily, weekly or monthly limits on how much money they can wager. This is a great opportunity for players to stay more in control of how much they gamble. Players can set those limits alone, or they can contact Customer Support, and once those limits are in place it will be impossible to spend more than they can afford.


Players who believe that they have a problem controlling their gambling habits can consider self-excluding themselves from gambling. Self-exclusion means that players will not be able to gamble on any of the casino games during a set period. During this period the casino will not send any promotional emails. And, once the self-exclusion period is over players can start playing their favorite games as well.

Closing an Account

Players who are dealing with a serious issue of gambling addiction should consider closing their accounts permanently. To some, this may seem drastic but it is the only way. The best thing a player should do here is to contact Customer Support and discuss their options. There are different options available and players have to know that once they permanently close their account, they will not be able to open it again.

Gunsbet has announced one of the most promising collaboration projects in its history

Gunsbet has announced one of the most promising collaboration projects in its history

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Announcement of the Sportsbooks Platform of Alpha Affiliates to Gunsbet Casino

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