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Playing casino games live has changed the way gamblers can spend time at online casinos. Rather than relying on the random number generator technology, players can watch the action unfold in real time with high-definition streaming cameras. Together with baccarat, Sic Bo is an authentic casino game with Asian roots. It is one of those casino live table games that are incredibly easy to play. Its well-executed live format can truly bring it to life, allowing players to experience the Vegas vibe from the comfort of their homes. Live Sic Bo Tokyo by Gold Deluxe is one of the most exciting live formats of Sic Bo.

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What is Live Sic Bo Tokyo?

As previously mentioned, Live Sic Bo Tokyo is a Sic Bo game developed by Gold Deluxe, one of the top Filipino-based live casino software providers. Founded in 2011, the company focuses mainly on delivering products to the Asian market. However, with titles like Live Sic Bo Tokyo, the provider is starting to explore casino markets in other parts of the world, including Europe.

At the center of the creation of this title is the developer's intention to keep the Sic Bo tradition alive and pass it to the next generation of players. Of course, the game boasts high-quality camerawork and interface and can be played on desktop or mobile, but players should expect any radical paradigm shift.

How to Play Live Sic Bo Tokyo

The dice are the main feature in any Sic Bo game, whether live or simulated. Live Sic Bo Tokyo is no different. Yes, it is all about rolling the dice, so players have nothing worry about when it comes to gameplay. Anyone who has played any Sic Bo before won't struggle to play the Gold Deluxe's variant. The game features three dice kept in a container, which is controlled by the dealer.

The Rules of the Game

A round in Live Sic Bo Tokyo starts with players placing bets. It should be remembered that Live Sic Bo Tokyo is a fast-paced game- players have 30 seconds to place bets in every round, so they will need to be at their best to catch up with speed. However, for those already used to the game, this betting period is just enough. Besides, this live dealer online casino game offers a statistical report showing the results of the previous rounds. Players can take advantage of this report and stake anywhere between $1 and $5000.

At the end of the betting period, the casino live dealer will tumble the dice inside the shaker, and the outcome of the roll will be shown. At this point, all the winners will be paid, and the next round will begin.


Truth be told; a 30-second betting duration is not much time, especially for slow players. That's why players need to understand all the possibilities presented by the game before the timer starts. Like any other Sic Bo game, Sic Bo Tokyo allows players to choose from a wide range of betting options when playing at live casinos. The bets are divided into Specific Total and Combination bets. Specific Total bets include the following:

  • Small
  • Big
  • 4 or 17
  • 5 or 16
  • 6 or 15
  • 7 or 14
  • 8 or 13
  • 9/10/11 or 12

On the other hand, Combination bets include;

  • Number Set (Single, Double, and Triple)
  • Par Match
  • Specific Double
  • Any Triple
  • Specific Triple

As anyone would see, Live Sic Bo Tokyo is a simple dice game with no complex rules. It has retained all the basics of Sic Bo, meaning even newbies can enjoy the action at the best live casinos without feeling pressure. Nevertheless, the game is unique in its own way, and live casino players appreciate this.

Live Sic Bo Tokyo Payouts

Each bet carries a different payout, of course, based on the odds. As usual, the riskiest bets have the best payouts and vice versa. As such, the Specific Triple bet pays more than any other bet (180:1). Small and Big bets, which are the safest, pay the least (1:1), meaning a stake of $10 would return the same amount.


Live Sic Bo Tokyo returns up to 96.7% of stakes to players. This doesn't mean players will get back that percentage on their wagers when they play this game at live casinos. An RTP measures how much the casino pays out in winnings in the long run. Now, 96.7% is not a very high RTP, but every dog has its day.

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