December 9, 2021

The Worst Roulette Gambling Strategies

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Roulette is one of those mainstay games at the best live casinos. Thanks to its straightforward rules, high payout, and player-friendly RTP, this game is considered one of the best to play. But while you need luck to win a roulette bet, a well-worked strategy will certainly do. So, this post is not about discussing the best roulette strategies but rather the worst ones to avoid. Read on!

The Worst Roulette Gambling Strategies

The Martingale system

Blackjack and poker players need minimal introduction to this betting system. For those who don’t know, the Martingale strategy advises players to increase their betting unit by 100% after each loss. For instance, a player can bet $10 on red and lose. Then, they dust themselves up and bet $20 on red and fail again. The system calls for players to keep doubling their wager until they win.

But while this system might work, it will often leave your bankroll bruised and injured. Why? The Martingale system advises players to increase their initial bet size rapidly. The problem is that you’ll reach the table’s maximum bet, that’s if your bankroll is still around. Furthermore, the odds of landing a red or black at a live dealer casino are always the same.

Bankroll management is good, but…

There’re no two ways here; players must have a bankroll to enjoy and succeed at any form of gambling. But the bad news is that practicing bankroll management doesn’t guarantee wins. Yet, most roulette players still think that money management is the missing link to a successful play .

The thing is that money management only works depending on your win and loss rates. In a positive progression system, the bankroll will bust sooner than expected. A negative progressing system is a bit helpful. But still, your bankroll will take a hit, albeit at a slower rate.

The betting patterns

There is a common misconception that roulette play can take a specific pattern. As such, players often record each result, whether playing at a live casino or land-based casino. The aim is to mark the hot and cold numbers. Some gambling sites will even tell you these numbers automatically.

But while lucky numbers in roulette might be real, seasoned pros know this is all but a fallacy. Unless the wheel has been compromised to favor specific numbers, each digit has equal chances of appearing. Also, every roulette spin is independent. That’s why it’s advisable to play at licensed gambling sites that offer games from NetEnt, Evolution, Ezugi, and other household names.

Bet hedging

Hedging bets is much like taking insurance against losses. In plain language, some bettors cover multiple outcomes to minimize losses and increase their winning chances. While this strategy is prevalent in sports betting, some players use it in roulette. They can place a low bet and high bet to cover several numbers.

But on the flip side, this strategy is only worth considering if you want to catch more action and fun. Winners should ignore it altogether. For example, a player places a $10 on 1 to 15 and an equal amount on 25 to 36. Assuming the former wins and the latter loses, they end up making a loss. In bet-hedging, one must pray that a higher-paying wager wins.


So, the next time you see these systems anywhere, kindly do some research before buying anything. Intelligent casino players know that beating the house edge can be a tall order even with the best betting system. But if you insist on using strategies like bet hedging and Martingale, do so for fun. Nonetheless, practicing bankroll management is a must.

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