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January 21, 2022

Dragon or Tiger -  How to Play Playtech鈥檚 Dragon Tiger

Priya Sharma
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When your competition is the likes of Evolution and Authentic Gaming, you must be at your very best to stay at the top. Well, Playtech isn鈥檛 taking any chances after expanding its live catalogue with Dragon Tiger. It鈥檚 a unique live casino game that lets players predict the result of each round instead of playing the game itself. So how do you go about it?

Dragon or Tiger -  How to Play Playtech鈥檚 Dragon Tiger

What is live Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is one of the newest Playtech additions in 2021. Playing the game is dead simple as players only have to predict a tie, Dragon, or Tiger. This gives players an exciting mix of casino gaming and sports betting. And yes, this coin-flip game is now available at any live casino online under Playtech鈥檚 roster.

How to play Live Dragon Tiger?

First and foremost, this game is streamed live from Playtech鈥檚 land-based studio in Manila, Philippines. The polite live dealer manages the room with Dragon and Tiger icons in the background. 

It鈥檚 played using eight decks of cards shuffled manually using a dealing shoe. Basically, players only need to predict which will have a higher-value card between the Dragon or Tiger. A tie bet is also allowed, although this bet only returns 50% of the initial stake.

Having said that, players will set the coin value, and then the host will draw two cards. As said before, one card is placed on the Tiger position and the other on the Dragon position. The two cards are drawn face-down and flipped, after which the card value is determined. 

Remember that no additional cards are drawn, which is uncommon in most live casino games, specifically baccarat. This makes this game purely luck-based.

Dragon Tiger bets and payouts

The good thing about Dragon Tiger is that players can place numerous bets per hand. Dragon and Tiger are the main bets for starters and pay out even money at 1:1. This means a $100 on Dragon if it hits returns $100 in profit, giving a total of $200. But just for the record, the tie bet only returns 50% of the initial bet, making it $150. On the brighter side, it pays at a ratio of 10:1

In addition to the main bets, this live casino software also packs several side bets under the hood. First, gamers can predict odd or even numbers. For example, you can win an odd number payout after drawing A-3-5-9-J-K. Conversely, drawing 2-4-6-8-Q wins an even number payout. However, drawing a 7 loses the bet in both instances.

Players can also predict the card drawn to be Small or Big. The former are card values between A to 6, whereas the latter are values between 8 to K. Again, drawing a 7 automatically loses the bet here.

Lastly, you can bet on the type of suit made on either side. As expected, there are four varying card suits, including Club, Diamond, Heart, and Spade. This side bet pays out at a ratio of 3:1. To be specific, you鈥檒l get $3 for every $1 wagered. 

Dragon Tiger RTP

The RTP of Dragon Tiger is player-friendly. The Dragon and Tiger bets have a theoretical return value of 96.27%. However, the house edge for the tie bet can hit up to 30%, making them a no-go zone for aspiring winners.

Dragon Tiger: Is it worth playing?

Dragon Tiger is definitely the perfect game for unwinding and killing off time at the casino. Although no strategy guarantees a win, it makes up ground with super-simple gameplay. Add in the multiple side bets, and this live casino game is a must-try.

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