June 6, 2022

How to Play Craps Live and Win

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Craps is indeed one of the most exciting and dynamic live casino games to play at the best live casinos. Besides blackjack and maybe poker, craps boast one of the lowest house advantages. In addition, it's relatively easy to play, meaning craps will reward you more often than most live games.

How to Play Craps Live and Win

But despite all the assurances, some players still find the craps game painfully challenging to master and win at. So, this beginner's guide seeks to show you how to play and win at online live craps easily. 

How to play craps live

Before delving into online live craps strategies, it's vital to learn the rules of craps and how the game pays out. First, craps is played with several players, with one player assuming the role of a "shooter." This is the person who throws the two six-sided dice, with the first roll called the come-out roll. The shooter can win or lose, with other players also predicting the outcome. 

In live online casinos, the shooter is usually the dealer. They roll the dice and announce the total. The total is displayed on the computer or mobile screen in some games. If the total is 12, 3, or 2, the round ends, and players lose their Pass Line wagers. On the other hand, the Pass Line wins if the come-out roll is 11 or 7. In that case, the shooter continues to roll until a 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, or 4 appears. This number becomes the point. 

Craps odds and bets

Do you know why beginner players dread playing craps? The overwhelming number of bets. However, these bets are relatively easy to comprehend, as you'll see.

Pass line bet

This is the friendliest craps bet, which is basically predicting that the shooter wins their point number. In other words, the player wins if the come-out roll is 11 or 7 (neutral) and loses if it's 12, 3, or 2. The bet has a payout of 1:1, meaning you get a dollar for every dollar bet.

Don't Pass line bet

It's the opposite of the pass line bet. You lose if the come-out roll is a natural and win if it's a 3 or 2. However, if it's a 12, it becomes a push or tie with the casino. Like the pass line bet, this wager has a payout ratio of 1:1 if the shooter rolls 3 or 2. It has a similar payout if a "point" is established. 

Come bet

This bet works just like the pass line bet, although it's placed after establishing a point. In other words, bets are won on 7 and 11 and lost on 12, 3, and 2. Other values create a point with a new roll following. 

Don't come bet

This is the reversed version of the come bet. After setting a point, players win if it's a 3 or 2 and lose if it's 11 or 7. 12 results in a tie, with the other numbers resulting in a win if a 7 is the point number. 

Which craps strategy works best?

Honestly, no craps strategy guarantees a win against the house. That's because live craps is a luck-based game. But all hope isn't lost because there are a few winning tips you can apply.

Make those line bets

If you're still new to online live craps, save yourself by focusing on line betting. In pass line, this straightforward bet predicts that the shooter wins their come-out roll, whereas the don't pass line predicts that they crap out. Put simply, avoid those fancy bets until you become a craps pro. However, the payout ratio of these craps bets can be low compared to others.

Learn the house edge

Like other live games at the best live casinos, craps has a house edge, albeit a low one. And as you may know already, the lower the mathematical advantage, the better your chances of winning the bet. The don't come and don't pass bets have the lowest house edge at 1.36%. The pass and come bets don't fare poorly either at 1.41%. So always choose these bets when playing online live craps.

Don't use a betting system

Betting systems like the Paroli and Martingale systems are very effective on even money bets like pass and come bets. But realistically, they don't change your fortunes. For example, the Martingale system advises players to double their bets after a loss. But what they don't tell players is that they need a sizeable bankroll to succeed. Even worse, the live casino already has a mathematical advantage, even if it's 0.5%.


Are you finally set to play the intimidating online live craps game? Hope so! This table game is one of the easiest to play with a tantalizingly low house edge. But always remember that most betting systems don't work in luck-based games like craps. Nevertheless, stick to bets with low house advantage.

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