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Storm Live

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Storm Live is the first-ever live slots casino game and is produced by big giant Netent. With no competition currently on the market, Storm Live is the only live slots game available to players. With the boom of live casinos, and the popularity of slots, the latest trend of playing Storm Live is picking up.

What are live slots?

The man credited with inventing the slot machine is Charles Fey. A San Francisco mechanic, he was the first to create such a machine that could automatically pay out coins. In 1898, he came up with the famous “Liberty Bell Slot Machine”, which paid out 50 cents when three bells aligned.

Slots Today

Today, “the slots” are more sophisticated than in days of old. Every machine offers numerous ways to win and has its own stylish theme. The design is key to its success. Of course, modern machines are less mechanical and more electric. Slot machines are undoubtedly a vital part of any casino and remain as popular as ever.

Slot Games

When creating slots, developers have a lot of freedom for experimentation, and that is why slots embed more creativity than any other casino game. That said, it is possible for slots creators to come up with new slot games that have never been seen before, every time they create. One thing which motivates slots manufacturers to release new games regularly is the high demand that these games attract. To meet this demand, the developers have no option but to keep creating more exciting games almost daily. That is why you shouldn't be surprised to find hundreds of thousands of titles in the global club of fruit machines.

Different Slots types and their terminology

In the below article we have listed some of the most common slots terminolygy along with explaining the differance between classic slots and progressive slots.

Slots Reels and Rows

While playing slots is super easy, it pays to understand at least some basic slots terminologies in order to be up to speed with the games. You just don't want to hear someone talk of reels and rows and start imagining what the hell they are. Well, a reel is a slot section where different slots symbol combinations land, once you've clicked 'spin'. While the reels vary among games, most slots have three or five reels. Rows, on the other hand, are horizontal lines on which reel symbols are aligned (side by side). Like reels, rows may vary among slot games.

Classic Slots

While there are people who have fallen in love with complexity, simplicity seems to command the largest following. Call them fruities, if you like, but classic slots form some the oldest category of slots under the sun. These slots can easily be identified by their minimalistic playing area, which ensures that gamblers enjoy the best experience, however old-fashioned the games are. Classic slots also come with unique symbols, such as Lucky 7s, Liberty Bells, BARs, lemons, and cherries. While the very first classic slots had one payline, modern classic slots have multiple paylines, which means they offer quite a lot of ways to win.

Progressive Slots

Whether new or old, no slots site would be complete without progressive jackpot slots. Now progressive jackpot slots are a category of jackpot slots whose prize keeps on increasing every time a bet is placed. The increase goes on until a player wins the prize. That is why you will find some progressive slot jackpots running in millions of dollars. For big-money hunters, progressive jackpot slots are an obvious choice. It is worth to note that while progressive jackpot slots are difficult to win, the prize they come with is perhaps what motivates players to keep on trying their luck.

Slot Symbols

While you may be a guru at playing online slots, that does not necessarily mean that you know all the slots symbols. Remember, a combination of slots symbols is what gives you a win; thus, it is extremely important to get to grips with these symbols so that your gaming experience does not turn out to be a boring story. And while there are many symbols you may want to know, the main ones include Multipliers, Scatters, and Wilds. Other slots symbols you may want to know, include Sticky symbols, Scatter symbols, Stacked symbols, Standard symbols, and many more.

Trusted Slots

Just imagine how the situation would look like if casino licensing did not exist. Online casinos would not be regulated at all. A casino license serves as a protection for not only the casino members but also the jurisdiction where the site's operations are based. The well-known casino licensing authorities include Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, Matese Gaming Authority, Curacao eGaming, and of course, the UK Gambling Commission. Most casino sites have their licensing documents in the footer. Just hover your mouse down the page and check if there is a name, crest, logo, or stamp showing the casino’s licensing authority.

Quick casino facts

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