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Crazy Time

Crazy Time

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What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a unique online game show which includes tons of bonus games and multipliers. In total, the main game involves the Crazy Time Wheel and 4 bonus games.

Here are the names of the 4 bonus games:

  1. Pachinko
  2. Coin flip
  3. Crazy Time
  4. Cash Hunt

First, let’s talk about the Crazy Time Wheel and then about the 4 bonus games.

The Crazy Time Wheel

Crazy Time

The Crazy Time Wheel has 54 sections and 8 digits and bonus games combined. Some of the games and numbers appear much more often than others.

Here are the number of sections each game and digit has taken on the wheel.

  • Coin Flip (4 sections)
  • Cash Hunt (2 sections)
  • Crazy Time (1 section)
  • Pachinko (2 sections)
  • 10 (4 sections)
  • 5 (7 sections)
  • 2 (13 sections)
  • 1 (21 sections)

Bonus games

In Crazy Time, there are several bonus games that is offered.


The game has a large wall with physical pegs. When the game begins, the presenter will drop a puck into the wall. The puck will stop at a random part of the wall.

The player will get the multiplier that will be revealed after the puck has landed. If the puck lands in the double value, all the multipliers are doubled and the puck will re-drop.

Technically speaking the re-drop can’t keep occuring forever.

There is a limit for multipliers. When they reach 10,000 the puck will stop re-dropping and the player's turn will end. Since the chances of multipliers reaching 10,000 are almost zero, it’s extremely unlikely that hitting a re-drop becomes impossible for the player.

Coin Flip

As you can already tell, this game involves flipping a coin.

There are two sides of the coin. One is red and the other is blue. The player must decide which side to bet on. If the player wins the bet, they get a multiplier.

Crazy Time

There is a slot on top of the wheel, it’s where this game is displayed.

We’ve got one small confession to make. This one isn’t a bonus game. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still a game within a game, but it’s more like a part within the main game.

Here is how it works.

Everytime the wheel spins, the top slot also spins. If the Crazy Time game section appears on the wheel, the player places a bet on the symbol.

If the same symbol is shown on the top slot, then the players get a multiplier. If not, then the turn ends.

Cash Hunt

This one is much different than the other bonus games. Why? Because it involves a shooting canon.

There is a board with hundreds of symbols and the board has 108 random multipliers hidden beneath the symbols. The player must shoot a symbol, whether the player has shot a symbol with a multiplier or small/mid/big multiplier is revealed after the turn is completed.

How to play Crazy Time?

First, you’ve got to make the bets on one or more of the digits or bonus games. The payouts for the numbers are:

  • 10 pays 10:1
  • 5 pays 5:1
  • 2 pays 2:1
  • 1 pays 1:1

The bonus games have the huge payouts, but if you haven’t betted on the bonus game even if the wheel stops on the bonus game you won’t be able to play and the wheel will re-spin.

We highly suggest betting on the bonus games because not only do they have huge payouts but they are incredibly fun.

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