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Bet on Teen Patti

Bet on Teen Patti

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What is Bet on Teen Patti?

One of the latest outputs of Ezugi, an Indian game developer, is ‘Bet on Teen Patti’, which has gone on to become one of the most popular live casino games in the south Asian country. It is an elegant game with beautiful animations and draws features and game style from Poker and Baccarat.

What is the Difference Between Teen Patti and Bet on Teen Patti?

Teen Patti and Bet on Teen Patti are very similar live casino games from Ezugi but with identical teen Patti rules and little differences. For example, in Bet on Teen Patti, the Return to Player percentage on the main bet is 97.39%, while that of Teen Patti is 96.63%. They also have different Game IDs.

How to Play Bet on Teen Patti

It is a very simple game wherein punters get to pick which player to stake their bets on. Asides from these main bets, there also side bets. Every player is given the same amount of time to place their bets. Afterward, the system’s dealer draws out three cards each for player A and Player B.

The system checks which side has a better combination of cards and that player becomes the winner. The system then issues the payouts accordingly. In the event of a tie, the system returns the players’ stakes to their account.

Bet on Teen Patti Rules

Every game has its rules though they always differ. Below is a simplified list of the game rules.

● Only three cards are dealt with each player ● Once the timer stops, no more bets can be made on that round of the game ● Winning the main bet will always result in a payout of 0.95:1

How to Win at Bet on Teen Patti

There are two forms of bets in the game; the Main bet and the Side bets. In the main bet, punters guess the player with the best Poker hand. However, there are also several side bets, and to win, players need to follow the respective teen Patti rules.

Pair Plus: Punters get to bet on the type of cards that will be dealt with, either player B or player A. Punters can then bet on whether a pair or better will appear on any of the player’s hands. The payout is always 1:1.

3+3 Bonus: On this side bet, punters have to make the best poker combination from five out of the six cards dealt on the table. Getting three of the same kind of card produces payouts of 7:1. Hitting all five of the cards gets payouts of 1000:1.

Choose the bet that you best understand when looking forward to making more wins.

Bet on Teen Patti Strategy

Firstly, the prize a player gets for winning depends on the value of the player’s bet. Players can only stake between $1 to $500 either on main bets or side bets. There is no one strategy to it; some choose to go for a few high stakes while others may go for plenty of low stakes. Players should always follow the teen Patti rules.

Where Can Punters play Bet on Teen Patti?


There are numerous online casinos where gamblers can play Bet on Teen Patti; however, here are several live casinos that offer great bonuses and features:

Bet on Teen Patti casino game is not only enjoyed in the Indian continent but has spread to several parts of the world. It's also referred to as flash in other regions. Download the best casino app and start wagering by observing the highlighted tips.

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