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February 22, 2022

Evolution Launches Bac Bo for Dice-Baccarat Fans

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The year couldn’t have started any brighter for Evolution Gaming. Just as roulette fans are still celebrating the debut of Lightning Roulette, the company announced the introduction of the baccarat-inspired dice game, Bac Bo. The live casino specialist announced this on January 26, 2022. So, what exactly is Bac Bo, and how is it played?

Evolution Launches Bac Bo for Dice-Baccarat Fans

What is Bac Bo?

According to Todd Haushalter, Evolution’s Chief Product Officer, Bac Bo is a unique product that blends the style of two iconic games, Sic Bo and Baccarat. He said that the game gives live casino players an entirely new gaming dimension with the excitement of “come from behind win” that makes baccarat popular. Haushalter concluded that Bac Bo features simple gameplay and rules compared to standard live baccarat.  

Bac Bo is the latest entrance to Evolution’s ever-growing game catalog, which also doubles up as their second release in 2022. Basically, it’s a dice game but relatively similar to baccarat and Sic Bo. No wonder the name Bac from baccarat and Bo from Sic Bo. Interesting!

That said, there are two betting positions (Player and Banker) instead of three available on the Dragon Tiger. In this game, the hand with the highest total wins. Remember, it uses dice instead of playing cards.

How to play Bac Bo

As said before, there’s nothing complex about the gameplay in this Evolution live variant. Just fire up the live casino and choose the Game under the “live casino” section. Then, place your bet by selecting the coin value and adding the coins to your favorite position. The dealer will then call to signify the end of the betting session.

After placing a bet, the croupier will press a round button. Then, the red and blue dice on the table positions will shake to around ten seconds. Note that there are two dice on each gaming position – red ones on the Banker and blue on the Player position. After the shaking stops, the live dealer will announce the results. The outcomes will also display on the gameboard. The highest hand total wins. There’s also a Tie bet, which pays out handsomely at 88:1. It’s that simple!  

Live Bac Bo Paytable

Although the game is similar to baccarat in many ways, it differs in the payout structure. This live variant offers way more profitable situations than the standard live baccarat. To be more precise, the tricky Tie bet now carries a massive payout of 88x, which is simply irresistible. Also, this live casino game houses multiple tie bets to make things fun and rewarding.

Below is the Bac Bo paytable:

  • Player – 1:1
  • Banker – 1:1
  • Tie – 88:1
  • Tie 2 or 12 – 88:1
  • Tie 3 or 11 – 25:1
  • Tie 4 or 10 – 10:1
  • Tie 5 or 9 – 6:1
  • Tie 6, 7, or 8 – 4:1

If you’re a beginner, it’s common to get stuck trying to comprehend these payouts. Now to make it more straightforward for you, a 1:1 payout means getting one chip plus the initial bet. So, this means you get $1 for every $1 you bet. Evidently, the Tie bet pays out the most, although it can be challenging to hit.

Note: The Player and Banker bets have stake limits of €1 to €10,000, while the tie bets max out at €500. Also, 90% of your Banker/Player bet is refunded if the Tie bet wins. Plus, there’s no mention anywhere of the “unfair” 5% commission to the house on every Banker bet wins.

Bac Bo extra features

For starters, Evolution doesn’t give away much information about the RTP. But the optimal Bac Bo return rate is around 98.87%, which guarantees frequent wins. However, the RTP can plummet a little bit with the Tie bet.

Another exciting feature about Bac Bo is the baccarat roadmap at the bottom of the screen. This table simply indicates your result statistics. The betting section also shows the number of stakes in the previous bets and the number of gamblers betting on different betting options. This can give you a clear roadmap of the hottest and coldest bets.

Back Bo: Final assessment

If you’re a baccarat fan, then Bac Bo should be interesting to play. The gameplay is straightforward, and the golden studio is warm and welcoming. Also, the maximum stake of €10,000 offers brave players a lucky chance to walk away with a life-changing sum.

It’s also common to be skeptical about playing this luck-based casino live game at first. But if you take a keen look, you’ll notice that the dealer doesn’t touch the dice at any moment. Also, the dice holes have no metallic or magnetic objects inside. In short, the results happen right in front of your eyes. 

Love this game? You can also check out other live games like Dragon Tiger and Football Studio from the same developer. Both games use a single card or each position instead of two dice. Enjoy!

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